The Port is a culinary journey brought to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago. The expertly crafted menu is a curation of authentic plates from an eclectic array of cuisines. The food, combined with a dynamic visual approach, decor and a high level of service will transport the versed audience to the premium experiences from each Port of Call. 

The central feature of The Port branding - the textured sign is a play on the idea of wanderlust using the striking pattern of the travelers palm.

The Port // Branding, Signage, and Uniforms


The Papayo! brand highlights the vibrancy of Caribbean cuisine utilising a catchy and stylish identity with international appeal. Caribbean food is as diverse as its people. Meals in the Caribbean are typically a social affair. Home cooked “Sunday lunch”, roadside street food or a night out, the experience is best shared. Conversations are animated and loud. The dishes... A culinary bacchanal of colours, flavours and smells. 

Papayo! is a toast. Whether cooking in or dining out, Papayo! is a celebration of an exciting experience for the taste buds and a wish for that lingering feeling of satisfaction after a great meal. Papayo! can be used either at the opening or closing of a meal.

The standout feature of the Papayo! packaging is a diecut body label along the seam. The ends, which never meet, wrap the bottle forming a silhouette in the negative space. The tree shape was chosen to create the atmosphere of Caribbean dining; alfresco style.

Papayo! // Nomenclature, Branding and Packaging


Combining an elegant and chic feel, the mark was designed to reflect the party name (One), offer a subtle play on the number 10 commemorating the 10th year of the event, and incorporates the period to represent the finale.

The mark consists of a hand-drawn typographic ligature created by incorporating a numerical 1 with a full stop. 

One fete // Branding and Social Media Marketing (Instagram)


Everything Slight Pepper was commissioned to develop an attention grabbing packaging system for the 3ZERO rum series with a fashionable aesthetic that explores alternative positioning for an overproof rum with a distinctly designer feel. The tall, oval, bottle chosen for this range of rums is uncharacteristic of traditional Caribbean rums giving the brand presence amongst the vodka and whiskey spirit categories. 

The 3ZERO packaging system consists of 4 elements: 
A die-cut wrap around body label; Face screened print; 
Stamped cork; Shrink-wrapped sleeve.

3ZERO Rums // Branding, Packaging, Signage, Mobile Bar and Apparel

Bottle photography: Gary Jordan Studios